The Unique Wedding Officiant

The Unity Sand Ceremony

The Unity Sand Ceremony has become increasingly popular, in particular in the windier, beach and lake areas where a Unity Candle Ceremony may be difficult. There are several different types of Unity Sand Ceremonies and no one way is correct. 

Generally, three vases are required. Two are filled with two different colors of sand; one representing the Groom and the second representing the Bride. A third, empty vase is placed in the middle. If the vase opening is small, a funnel is preferred to help contain the sand and guide it into place within the main vessel. Many couples use a copy of their wedding program for this or simply a piece of thin parchment paper, rolled and placed within the mouth of the third, decorator vase can be used as well.

During the Unity Sand Ceremony, the Groom pours one half of his colored sand into the empty vase. The Bride then pours one half of her colored sand on top of his. Lastly, the two pour their remaining sand into the main vase together. Symbolizing the joining of two lives into one, never to be separated; just as the grains of sand can never be separated as they were in the beginning.

A stopper is then placed in the mouth of the third container to keep the sand in place. This main, third vase can be kept a lifetime and after, symbolic of the love and devotion honored on this day, the most special of days for both the Bride and the Groom. 

If desired, children may be included in The Unity Sand Ceremony by adding additional vases with additional colors. Fathers, Mothers, Siblings and anyone else the couple wants to be included, can be with the simple addition of more colors and vases. 

By searching on-line, you may find many, many places to purchase entire Unity Sand Ceremony kits, vases and accessories to match your own personalities and the theme of your own wedding. 


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