The Unique Wedding Officiant


 Cord or Scarf Color Symbolism for Handfasting Ceremonies

Red = Passion, Strength, Courage, Vigor, Heath, Lust, Fertility, Will and Danger 

                              Orange = Kindness, Adaptability, Encouragement, Attraction,              Plenty and Stimulation        

Yellow = Harmony, Balance, Joy, Comfort, Attraction, Charm, Knowledge, Learning, Concentration, Jealousy and Persuasion     

Green = Beauty, Charity, Health, Ambition, Finances, Fertility, Luck, Success, Growth, Prosperity, Nurturing, Counteraction Between Green and Jealousy                                       

 Blue = Tranquility, Patience, Sincerity, Devotion, Honor, Loyalty, Peace, Wisdom Understanding, Health, Truth, Longevity, Strength and Protection in Sleep 

                   Purple =Sentimentality, Sanctity, Wisdom, High Ideals, Spiritual Protection, Healing, Psychic Ability, Protective Energy, Strength, Progress, Piety and Tension 

            Black = Wisdom, Vision, Pure Love, Strength, Empowerment, Banishment of Evil      or Negativity, Negation without Reflecting and Unlocking the Locked                                      

White = Purity, Divination, Healing, Peace, Consecration, Meditation, Spiritual Strength, Full Moon, Serenity, Truth and Devotion   

  Gray = Balance, Neutrality, Erasing of Bad Memories, Canceling, Return to Positive Energy and Harmonious Accord

Pink = Romance, Happiness, Familial or Emotional Love, Friendship, Affection, Unselfishness, Unity, Honor, Truth, Healing, Spiritual healing and the Banishment of Hatred

Brown = Grounding, Nurturing, Home, Hearth, the Earth, Trees, Concentration,  Telepathy, Healing, Skills, Talent, Protection of Pets and Animals

        Silver = Female Energy, Purity, Moon, Values, Creativity, Vision, Protection and       the Unconscious Mind                                                                                                                               

                                                          Gold = Male Energy, Sun, Wealth, Attracting Happiness, 

                          Unity, Longevity, Prosperity, Strength, Financial Wisdom, Activity,           

                                                      Intelligence  and the Conscious Mind


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